Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation

Get an expert opinion without the obligation.

Ever wish you could have an expert take a quick look at your teeth and give you an idea of what options you might have and how much it would cost…without feeling obligated?

You can and it’s free.

Here’s How It Works

Our 3-step free virtual smile consultation is quick, easy and free.

Mint Orthodontics virtual consultation, tell us why you are interested in orthodontic treatment
  1. Tell us why you are interested in orthodontics.
Mint Orthodontics virtual consultation, take smile selfies
  1. Upload some selfies of your teeth.
Mint Orthodontics virtual consultation, we'll call you with a treatment plan
  1. We’ll call you with a treatment plan and let you know the cost.
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Here’s a Thought

Our virtual smile assessment is also a great way to get a second opinion.

We offer a free, virtual consultation you can do from home, on a quick break from work or on the go.

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