The Golden Rule is Platinum

We have high expectations at Mint Orthodontics. Our “motto” is a four-part commitment to our patients:

  • We innovate to improve your experience and results.
  • We treatment plan to make sure every smile is just as we’d want it.
  • We hire the best, brightest, friendliest people in the industry so the office is safe and experienced.
  • We design the space and the process so the environment feels welcoming, enjoyable, and decidedly un-doctor’s-office-like.

Advanced Tech & Treatments

Necessity is the mother of innovation. We combine the most advanced technologies with tried-and-true solutions, so you experience the absolute best care and results. Right now, we are loving these 3 big innovations (and are the top providers of these services in the Midwest).


  • Straighten your teeth, discreetly and comfortably
  • Nearly invisible
  • Fewer office visits
  • Much more comfortable than traditional braces

Dental Monitoring

  • Weekly treatment check-ins, without setting foot in the office
  • Completely digital way for Dr. Sudit and the team to monitor your progress
  • Catches possible treatment issues before they become problems
  • Makes treatment safer, better, and less hassle


  • Custom, 3D printed braces that improve and speed up treatment
  • One size fits one, instead of the one-size-fits-all mentality of traditional braces
  • Fewer office visits than traditional braces
  • Faster treatment than traditional braces

Always Striving To Be Better

Here are some things we are already doing to improve the orthodontic experience in small ways:

  • No Forms To Fill Out — We obtain the essential information over the phone or during your appointment.
  • Faster, More Convenient, & Better Treatment Options — We use new technology so that, when possible, our appointments are faster, less frequent, virtual, and more efficient than most others.
  • No Waiting For Your Appointment — We arrange our appointments so that there is as little waiting as possible. If an unexpected event does impact the schedule, we do our best to warn you before arrival.
  • Treatment Based Around Your Needs — First we listen – to your concerns, questions, & treatment ideas. Second, we evaluate your teeth and bite. Finally, we recommend treatment options best for you.
  • Questions Encouraged — We prioritize transparency and understanding so you are confident in us and in the treatment you choose. Questions are welcome at any time. Call, text, email, or if you are in the neighborhood, just drop in and ask.