Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with our amazing team!

Olya S.
04:15 17 May 24
I had an exceptional service at Mint Orthodontics. My permanent retainer had to be fixed, and they were able to get me in last minute. My assistant was Lily, she was very friendly and fixed my retainer in no time! The office is very beautiful and the staff is professional. Highly recommend Mint and will be coming back for my ortho needs 😊
Michaela S.
18:17 11 May 24
I hade a very good time and mint orthodontics. And still am. All of the workers are very nice. Amazing
Carolina M.
16:56 18 Apr 24
I love this orthodontist. I've had trouble finding a place I liked and a place that kept it real with me. Had trouble with my permanent retainer and they recommended a very affordable solution to my prolonged problem. 100% recommend. Staff was super nice, I want to be their friend! Thank you so much.
Mark N.
18:03 11 Apr 24
I had braces when I was a kid and just needed a touch up from teeth shifting over the years. Just wrapped up 3 months of Invisalign and things are back to perfect. The process was quick, easy and less expensive than I thought it would be. Their new retainer platform also seems pretty cool. Thanks guys!
Frank Strauss (.
16:04 11 Apr 24
I was in town from LA and needed a new retainer. Mint Ortho had the highest reviews so I went there, and it definitely didn’t disappoint! Not only did I get a retainer for far less money than my previous Orthodontist, but I got signed up for a cool new retainer platform that allows me to get a new one whenever I want from my phone. Definitely recommend this place!
15:45 01 Apr 24
I work in dentistry myself, so I was pretty particular when looking for an orthodontist to get everything straightened out before my wedding! I knew Dr. Sudit and his incredible team were the right choice. He listened to all my concerns and made sure to work around my wedding date, too. I can’t recommend Mint Orthodontics enough! Thank you for my beautiful smile!
Sydney K.
23:54 13 Mar 24
GO HERE! By far the best Invisalign experience I could've had - It was easy, quick to get me into appointments, extremely welcoming and kind staff, and I loved going here! The office is modern & up to date - It doesn't feel like a usual Orthodontix office.
Alanna W.
11:07 12 Mar 24
I’m very happy with my decision to obtain adult orthodontic care with Dr. Sudit. I appreciate his attention to detail, flexibility, and virtual appts.
Wendy S.
18:45 08 Feb 24
Awesome first visit! I had a loose permanent wire that needed to be rebonded. My original orthodontist is out of state. The wire had previously come loose a month ago, when my regular dentist reglued it, and that bond didn’t hold. The technician at Mint spent nearly an hour getting the wire reattached, and tweaked my nighttime retainers a bit to accommodate the newly cemented wire. They all took great care in making things right. They really lived up to their name, “Mint”! Would highly recommend.
kacey W.
16:11 06 Feb 24
We’ve had a great experience at Mint. The entire practice is very inviting — from the doctor, to the staff to the interior design. Parking is easy and they always find time for you in their schedule. Very detail oriented. Highly recommend!
Jon L.
16:04 06 Feb 24
Excellent service.
Aliza H.
16:56 05 Feb 24
My entire experience deserves nothing less than 5 stars. Stepping into the office is like entering a beautiful, modern haven where every detail has been meticulously considered. From the captivating artwork narrating the family's history to the thoughtful placement of Mint Tribune paper on the desk, every touch enhances the ambiance.The highlight, undoubtedly, is Dr. Sudit himself. A warm and highly knowledgeable professional, he embodies a genuine passion for orthodontics. His expertise is evident in every interaction, and his belief in the work he does is truly evident. In my opinion, you won't find a better orthodontist in town. Highly recommended! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Leo M.
14:48 02 Feb 24
Great service. Very kind staff. Would recommend if looking to get orthodontic care.
John L.
17:13 22 Jan 24
Being many years since my last orthodontic visit I wasn’t sure where to go. I needed a retainer repair quickly and found myself calling Mint as it’s nearby. This Team at Mint really went above and beyond. Not only did they get me in quickly, Jose resolved my issue on the same visit with great and friendly care. I had some other questions which they looked into with some amazing technology. Dr. Sudit explained and I was quoted a care plan right on the spot. I’d recommend Mint to Family and Friends without hesitation. If you want friendly, professional, and efficient orthodontic care then this is the place for you!
Kyle M.
21:39 17 Jan 24
Great experience! My bottom (permanent) retainer broke the night before and it was MISERABLE! Mint fit me in the next day and fixed everything quickly and without any issue!
Siti M.
16:54 15 Jan 24
Very warm, friendly, and helpful staff. Very good service, and fast response. Clean and comfortable clinic.
Alana K.
15:17 06 Jan 24
Best ortho experience I’ve ever had! Feel lucky to have found Mint Ortho, they make it so easy to get new retainers with all their virtual tech. So impressed
Angela S.
16:30 05 Jan 24
Everyone here is amazing. Clear communication. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Worked with me so well on some complicated insurance questions. Would highly recommend!
Gideon V.
16:27 02 Jan 24
Geoff Sudit and his team are awesome. My 10 month Invisalign journey was straightforward and painless. Dr. Sudit is super personable and makes sure your questions and concerns are heard so he can work to give you the best possible results. The staff at Mint Ortho are upbeat and professional so your visit is always comfortable. Highly recommend. Oh, and the space isn’t too shabby either!
Mohammed A.
15:22 07 Nov 23
Dr. Sudit and his team are beyond incredible. From the beginning of my treatment until the very end they were extremely helpful and supportive. I am beyond happy with the results from my treatment and can proudly say that I smile more now because of the amazing people at Mint Orthopedics.
M H.
21:14 31 Oct 23
Everyone here from the front desk staff to back in the chairs were super friendly. I felt welcomed right away.Mint is far more affordable than my previous orthodontist. They are transparent with pricing and excellent at explaining how things work and what to expect.Plus their Halloween decorations are top notch! 🎃
Alyssa L.
17:26 31 Oct 23
Mint ortho helped me prep for a very important jaw surgery with Invisalign! They were supportive and attentive to all my needs-even sent me flowers after my surgery. I was so incredibly happy to be in such good hands feeling ready for my surgery as well as the care that came after to make sure everything was looking and working great. I can experience some anxiety with dental work and have special quirks with my jaw since surgery-they’ve always been very understanding and accommodating. I would 10/10 recommend:)
C. M.
15:10 12 Sep 23
I had a great experience with Mint. In my experience, they are always smiling, always kind, and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied with your treatment.
Kara B.
13:44 08 Jun 23
Amazing experience! 20 stars! Came in for a permanent retainer that popped out and they were great at scheduling me promptly, did a great job replacing it, and had friendly service. Would definitely come back again!
Brian S.
19:26 09 May 23
Super friendly and helpful. What great people!
12:33 28 Apr 23
MINT is a wonderful business. They accommodate you until you are completely satisfied with the work you asked to be done. The location is super! Staff at the front desk and in general are kind. Thank you Jeff!
Michelle M.
17:57 25 Apr 23
Mint ortho was fantastic! I went there for Invisalign (as an adult) which took a little under 2 years. Staff are extremely professional and friendly, scheduling was easy and the facility is clean, modern and bright. Tech integration and modes of communication are modern as well. I was always seen on time. Dr. Sudit is also great - very friendly, and a perfectionist with my teeth which I appreciated! My teeth look amazing!! Best money I’ve ever spent. I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience and highly recommend them.
Sarah T.
20:43 20 Apr 23
Quick, easy, and the most affordable option that I could find to get a bottom retainer aligner replaced. The whole process of scans and fitting only took a total of 30 minutes over two visits. Friendly and helpful staff.
Bridget T.
19:03 05 Apr 23
I have never had such a great experience with dentistry/ orthodontics before. Dr. Sudit and his team have a perfect blend of professionalism and making you feel comfortable and the know with every step of the process. I completely trust their knowledge and appreciate the way they are able to break it down in terms I can understand. Their energy kept me excited throughout the process. The team is amazing with their response time and answering all questions. It was so amazing to watch how quickly my smile was becoming everything I hoped for. There was never a moment I didn't feel comfortable sharing my feedback or asking questions. They are 100% committed to making sure you're getting the absolute best outcome. So thorough! I have received so many compliments on my teeth/ smile and I'm so thankful for the confidence they've given me. I couldn't recommend Dr. Sudit and his team more!!!
Ellie M.
17:59 29 Mar 23
We are visiting from out of town and our daughter had a bracket break resulting in discomfort from the wire. We are staying close to Mint orthodontics and called for assistance. Everyone was so friendly from the receptionist to the orthodontist. They suggested we drop in immediately and took care of the wire in moments! The discomfort is gone and we are back to enjoying our vacation!! Thank you so much!! Shout out to Dottie for your kindness!
Michael D.
14:02 23 Mar 23
Personal professional and efficient care. Love the results with my Invisaligns
Gabriel R.
21:15 19 Jan 23
Excellent! I recently had my permanent wire retainer pop-up and I called them up to see if they were able to fix it. Mint Orthodontics was able to schedule me that same day, and in 20 minutes, everything was resolved. Clean facilities, kind and caring staff--I am truly amazed and very thankful for your professional and kind demeanor. Keep up the good work!
Mary H.
19:04 13 Jan 23
I tried Mint for the first time today because my retainer broke and I couldn’t get ahold of my previous orthodontist. Mint was very responsive and got me in for a quick fix within hours of my call. It’s definitely refreshing to find an orthodontist that doesn’t feel like a doctors office!!
16:28 05 Jan 23
I cannot stress enough how amazing the staff at Mint Orthodontics is!! They really helped me out in a bind by fixing my bonded retainer FREE of charge. I didn’t even have it placed there, originally.Janice was amazing and friendly as she walked me through each step or the process to re-bond my retainer.Part of me wants to have to have braces all over again just to keep going to Mint Orthodontics.Thank you again for your help!Highly recommend!
Jason E.
17:53 20 Dec 22
Mint Orthodontics is excellent to work with by creating a comfortable environment and acknowledging my concerns while developing a comprehensive plan.
Meredith O
16:36 07 Dec 22
Amazing experience! Very easy to schedule and appointment and be seen right away. Kind and professional staff, plus a beautiful office!
Trina V.
17:23 17 Sep 22
Before I finished my treatment with Dr. Sudit, I used to never like smiling with my teeth. My smile and teeth were a huge point of insecurity for me, and it was something I didn’t really talk to anyone about either. However, after finishing my treatment, I love my smile and it has actually become one of my favorite features about myself! I feel so confident smiling now and I am so extremely happy with my results!Dr. Sudit and his team were very flexible with my treatment too! I spent about a year abroad and even then, my Invisalign treatment was not interrupted at all. They helped to make it possible to receive great care, even across oceans and extreme distance.Every time I visited his office, I always felt that I was in great care and that I was treated with respect and kindness. I am so happy to have chosen Dr. Sudit and his team at Mint Orthodontics. I can really say that my Invisalign treatment here as changed my life in regards to my confidence and comfort. Thank you to Dr. Sudit and his team!
Eduardo S.
18:42 28 Aug 22
Hands down to the best orthodontist team in Minneapolis!! Came here for invisilign treatment back in 2020 (during the pandemic) — and from the moment I walked in, the staff was kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. Dr. Sudit listens to your questions and concerns and provides his expertise. Couldn’t be more happier with my smile now that I am done with my treatment a year later. The staff at Mint Orthodontist goes above and beyond with straightening your teeth process.
20:26 18 Jul 22
I had an amazing experience from start to finish with Dr. Sudit and his team. From Dr. Sudit's warm personality to the beautiful office, I felt in the best of hands. I decided to do Invisalign to correct crowding and crooked teeth and I have noticed such a transformation. They continued to support me when I moved away and did telehealth visits and sent trays as needed. I can't recommend Geoff and his team more highly. Thank you so much for improving my smile!
Vanessa T.
17:19 01 Jun 22
I felt like everyone who worked with me had great attention to detail. I also felt like they treated me like a person, not just a client.
Angie G.
20:04 23 May 22
Dr. Sudit and his team were wonderful to work with. Bright, inviting atmosphere, friendly and professional staff who were quick to respond to questions and concerns. We are very happy with the final product. A beautiful smile for our teenager!
Laura K
13:22 20 Oct 21
My first visit, and I will be a loyal customer. Amelia glued my retainer on in ten minutes and was super nice and gentle. I was stressed for weeks about how I was going to pay for a new retainer, but because it was just a small repair, they glued it on for no charge. What a relief!
Seth V.
16:13 09 Sep 21
Braces are usually a one time thing, so I have only experienced just one orthodontist in my life. However, I don't think it's a reach to say there's no reason to go anywhere else for your teeth straightening needs! You're in GREAT hands with Dr Sudit and his his amazing team here at Mint Ortho.From start to finish, everything went smoothly. Being a college student paying for my treatment out of pocket, Dr. Sudit cared that I wouldn't have to worry about any kind of money issues. He started by giving me a student discount, and then set up a payment plan. After the initial consultation there was almost zero talk about money from that point forward. He treats everyone regardless of anyone's economic status. He gave me an estimate for how long he thought the treatment would take and when things weren't going perfectly, he explained everything in detail. No bs. Straight class. Very down to earth guy, that genuinely wants to see every patient walk out the the door with a million dollar smile.I had someone tell me for the first time that "your smile genuinely gives me joy now!" (Quite Blunt, but true.) Those are very impactful words for someone who had always been self-conscious of their crooked smile. Dr. Sudit has given me confidence in my smile along with everyone else that is treated here. I will be forever thankful for choosing Mint Ortho as my treatment provider.THANK YOU MINT ORTHO AND DR. SUDIT!!
Tanya R.
14:22 20 Aug 21
My son's permanent retainer became unglued earlier this summer. After waiting for over a month to get in to the clinic he had gone to for his braces, they didn't re-glue it properly and it came off within a couple of days. And they charged us $75. We called Mint, got in quickly, and they fixed the bad glue job, while also finding another tooth that was missing glue as well. And they didn't charge us anything, despite my son's not being a regular client. The clinic was clean, the staff was great, and I wish they had been here when he was dealing with braces! His braces experience no doubt would have been a much better one. It is so hard to find anywhere that puts the patient first, and Mint definitely does that. Highly recommend!!
Adeline H.
14:49 23 Jun 21
I got a permanent bottom retainer put in in 2015 at an orthodontist in Illinois, and it popped out after 6 long years. I found Mint Orthodontics, called them to ask if they could put it back in, and was given an appointment the very next day!When I arrived, the whole team was very friendly and professional. I was in and out in under 25 minutes, AND my quick visit was free of charge!!!I would highly recommend Mint to anyone seeking orthodontic services and will be back with any ortho needs! Thanks Mint!
Michael S.
20:26 09 Jun 21
A friend of a friend mentioned that she too had the bonding of her permanent retainer come off, and mentioned Mint Orthopedics to go see to get it fixed. The staff was incredibly friendly from scheduling the appointment quickly (which was awesome because an exposed end of the metal piece had been digging into the under side of my tongue), to my check in and all throughout. They got me in and out quickly mid day and I was able to only miss minimal work. And best of all, because it was just glueing it back into place and not additional work, it was free of cost!I know where I’m going back to if anything else happens with my permanent retainer and will be recommending them to everyone I know who needs orthodontic work!
Sara S.
20:05 02 Jun 21
The staff are helpful, friendly and professional. The office is very welcoming and the treatment options were clearly explained. We highly recommend Mint Ortho!
Brittney S.
20:04 29 Apr 21
Was able to get a same day appointment and have my issue addressed expertly and quickly! Would definitely return and recommend to anyone with orthodontic needs. Very friendly staff and cute clinic.
Chelsey P.
15:31 29 Apr 21
I had a great experience. All the staff were so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend Mint Orthodontics for anyone needing to go to an orthodontist. If I need any further orthodontic work, I will definitely go back here. Thank you!
Aaron P.
17:25 19 Apr 21
Friendly staff, great location, beautiful space. 10/10 will be going back soon!
Rece W.
22:08 18 Mar 21
Absolutely amazing experience. The entire staff is so nice and helpful. I would absolutely reccomend this orthodontics office to anyone!
Chad H.
17:30 09 Feb 21
Great office, great care, squeezed us in for an emergency. Very friendly and good bedside manners.
14:41 27 Jan 21
I have had a cross bite for 60 years. The only solution I was told was surgery to widen my palate. Because of my asthma drugs, my doctor said this was not possible for me. Dr. Sudit at Mint Orthodontics was able to fix the entire situation with Invisalign. I had no pain. The office was great to work with and made appointments easy for me. I am THRILLED with the results. Thank you!!!
Anne M.
19:08 09 Dec 20
Dr. Sudit and staff are beyond amazing. They've taken what we anticipated to be a very clinical experience and turned it into a safe, inviting and fun space. A place to look forward to going to instead of dreading. They don't miss a single detail. Far and away one the best clinic experiences our family has ever had. Huge thumbs up from parents and kid.
Sabina B.
04:46 01 Dec 20
The best experience ever!! If you're contemplating straightening your teeth or fixing your bite, this is truly the best place to go to. The financing plan was awesome and Dr. Sudit is amazing at what he does. I've referred other people and they've had the same great experience as I have. Highly recommend!!
Eric S.
20:00 21 Nov 20
Awesome experience!
21:27 05 Nov 20
Great place, very caring.
Abdi A.
16:51 14 Oct 20
Awesome team and great facility thank you for your great work!!
Lauren S.
16:58 18 Sep 20
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mint Orthodontics. The space is clean and beautiful, the staff is skilled and organized, the technology is top notch, and Dr. Sudit is reasonable, smart, thorough and honest. I've been very impressed with my experience at Mint Ortho.
Samuel H.
13:31 16 Jul 20
Very professional and friendly! Was the only place I could find that took new patients during COVID
Catherine Z.
00:17 23 Jun 20
I went here today as a new patient and loved it! I was wanting to get my bottom retainer removed as it had broke and they were able to get me in quickly. Walking into the office, I felt welcomed. I felt safe going in there as they took great safety precautions with COVID.The staff was amazing and I'm definitely happy I went to Mint Ortho! They explained everything that they were doing and listened when I had questions.Cant wait to pick up my new retainers!
McKayla B.
19:53 21 Jun 20
Wonderful staff and great environment. They are very patient focused and want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome. I would recommend to anyone!
Michael F.
02:32 06 Jun 20
I had a great experience at Mint. They have great procedures in place to keep everyone healthy and safe during COVID-19 - and the team is so friendly and helpful. Plus the office is amazing, way better than any other Dental or Ortho office I’ve ever been to. Highly recommend!
Dan L.
10:54 04 Jun 20
I’ve been a patient at Mint Ortho for almost a year now. Every time I go in I mean to write a review about my fantastic experiences there, but I always seem to forget. I had my first appointment back today since the office closed down during Covid-19, and wow, were they prepared! To be honest, I haven’t left my house much because of fear of contracting the virus and I was nervous about going to a medical facility. Below are all of the precautions I saw them taking and it completely eased my fears. I love this place!!!Precautions that I noticed during my visit:- I texted the office when I arrived and 1 min later they responded that it was safe to enter. They maintain social distancing and don’t want people coming and going at the same time- when I entered I immediately noticed everyone wearing masks, even the front desk person, which I didn’t expect. I had forgotten mine in the car and they immediately offered one to me. They had someone take my temp and ask me a few questions then walk me directly to my seat.- once at the seat they had me rinse with a special mouth rinse that apparently help decrease the chance of exposure to the staff there- I noticed special air filters that I asked about and they said they are medical grade and turn over the air in the room every few mins!- I even noticed someone walking around wiping down all of the handles in the office.This place is seriously the best! Not only do I love my results so far, I am floored each visit with how they bend over backwards for my care. Such a great decision going with Dr Sudit at Mint!
Jack F.
21:18 02 Mar 20
Wow, excellent space and team! Had a lot of industry know how and new tech! I'd recommend to a friend
Talon R.
21:48 06 Feb 20
Amazing operation and great experience! Super friendly staff, very fair pricing (even gave me some complimentary services), quick/on time (but not without sacrificing quality), and thorough (took the time to explain my options including pros/cons/pricing). The office is super fun/trendy too! I actually had to double check that I was, indeed, at the right place at first, as most orthodontist practices are cold/stuffy.
Juliana K.
22:11 28 Jan 20
I’m 9 years old and I needed to go get an expander so all my teeth can come in. Even though I don’t like the expander in my mouth, I still like going to Mint Orthodontics. Everyone is really nice and they have good snacks and chocolate milk. Thank you, Grayson
Heidi G.
15:38 28 Jan 20
My daughter feels so comfortable here and through her process of getting her expander and braces. Everything was explained from the beginning so I knew what to expect. Staff is super friendly and helpful.
Erin S.
14:29 21 Jan 20
We moved to Mint from another orthodontist for my older son and getting my daughter started on them now. We have been very pleased with the treatment options they have given us.
Mary V.
19:00 17 Jan 20
First of all their clinic is so cute and fun! Second, staff are nice and you can feel their positive team vibes. Lastly, Dr. Sudit is knowledgeable, kind, and awesome. 😊 I'm glad I chose Mint Orthodontics for my braces journey. I can't wait for straight teeth! 😁
Sheri W.
22:28 14 Jan 20
Great local provider. Very convenient to get multiple family members in for appointments. Close to schools and other fun establishments. A great new addition to Southwest Minneapolis!
dawn K.
21:47 14 Jan 20
We love coming here! It has been a very positive experience for my son. The staff is wonderful and Dr Sudit is so kind,calm and encouraging. We feel very grateful to have him as our orthodontist.
Sean L.
21:03 14 Jan 20
Great, polite, courteous staff! Very welcoming, laid back atmosphere, which completely eased any of my daughter’s concerns with the whole process.
Darryle O.
21:48 13 Jan 20
A bit uncomfortable for my son but necessary. Super nice people. They made it the best it could be for my son.
Nicole Z.
16:08 13 Jan 20
What an incredible experience it was going to Mint Orthodontics. My bottom retainer broke and they scheduled me in right away! Quick and professional service. I will be coming back here for all of my orthodontic needs!
Ellie H.
22:10 09 Jan 20
Everyone who works at Mint is so pleasant and friendly! Any time we have had any issues; they are very quickly remedied! Terrific place!
David Y.
14:13 06 Jan 20
Great place! Friendly people, and they really were flexible when I had to move for work. They did checks through Facetime which meant I didn't have to come in as often.
Meg H.
17:16 27 Dec 19
My family appreciates the professional staff and fun environment at Mint Orthodontist. Added bonus that this small business helps give back to the community in numerous ways throughout the year:)
Gabe B.
22:00 23 Dec 19
Friendly, professional, and good with teens.