Mint Orthodontics in Minneapolis and Minnetonka MN has committed to promoting sustainability in their orthodontic offices

Big Idea

A big focus for our practice is doing anything we can to help offset the impact on the environment that inevitably comes along with orthodontic treatment.

Tree Program

For every new patient that starts treatment at our office, we will be donating a tree in their honor to Neighborhood Forest, a Minneapolis organization that helps children across the country plant trees every Earth Day.

Mint Orthodontics practicing sustainability and planting trees

Trees planted since August 2022

Changes we’ve made in the office

We have been making lots of changes throughout the office to improve sustainability. Dr. Sudit now uses biodegradable gloves. These gloves break down in 2-3 months as opposed to the years it takes for nitrile gloves to break down.

Look for signs throughout the office about other measures we are taking to protect the environment.