Smile Makeover Minneapolis

Whether you’re looking to start a smile makeover at Mint Orthodontics in Minneapolis or just gathering information, you might be surprised to learn that orthodontics isn’t just a series of cosmetic dentistry treatments. It’s a precise science that encompasses many areas of oral health.

Orthodontics is a highly-specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on so much more than just straightening a patient’s teeth– though that is a major part of it. While the primary goal of orthodontic treatment includes engineering functional and aesthetically-beautiful teeth and jaw alignment, this plays a much larger role in one’s overall health and well-being than most people realize!

Take a look at some of the key aspects of orthodontics and their benefits:

Mind the Gap

Orthodontic treatment can help straighten crooked, crowded, or spaced teeth to give you the smile makeover of your dreams. Properly aligned teeth not only enhance the appearance of a person’s smile, but they also make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. Replacing missing teeth can also be accomplished, ensuring a complete and natural smile.

Over, Under, Sideways: Bite Problems

Orthodontic treatment addresses multiple bite issues, including overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites. Left untreated, these issues can lead to problems with chewing function, risk of dental wear, jaw joint issues (temporomandibular joint disorders), and more.

Correcting bite problems can lead to healthier teeth and better overall health.

Say What?!

Another major benefit of orthodontics is speech improvement. Misaligned and misshapen teeth can impact speech. Orthodontics combined with the aid of dental veneers or dental bonding if needed, can improve speech impediments caused by dental irregularities.

Prevention Perfection

Undergoing a smile makeover now will teach you oral health practices that will serve you and your perfectly aligned smile well into the future. This reduces the risk of cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay that can be caused by misaligned teeth, creating hard-to-reach, difficult-to-clean areas. It’s a win-win!

Confidence Level: Through the Roof

Prepare yourself. A smile makeover has been known to cause a major boost in self-esteem and overall confidence. It can positively impact your social and professional interactions, thanks to your new beautiful smile.

Dr. Sudit with Patient

Mint Orthodontics’ Steps to a Smile Makeover


During your initial appointment, we’ll take photos, x-rays, and digital scans of your teeth. This includes checking for missing teeth and evaluating your oral health. From there, we create a digital view of what your smile makeover will look like after treatment. You have the time to ask Dr. Sudit, our experienced orthodontist, all of your questions or concerns about treatment, determine your preferred treatment option, discuss timelines, payment plans, and more.


Once the treatment plan is ready, Dr. Sudit will proceed with placing the chosen orthodontic appliance. This could involve the installation and personalized instructions of Custom 3D-printed braces, Clear Aligners, or other specialized appliances. Dr. Sudit can also work with your preferred cosmetic dentist if dental implants, dental crowns, or porcelain veneers are needed to put the final touch on your smile makeover.

Check-up Appointments

Depending on your treatment, you may only need as little as 2-3 appointments. For more in-depth treatment plans, we use the latest technology — Dental Monitoring — to reduce in-office appointments.

Dental Monitoring is a convenient, efficient, and effective way to monitor your orthodontic treatment remotely. It enhances communication, saves time, and ensures that your treatment progresses smoothly. We are excited to offer this technology to you and look forward to guiding you through your orthodontic journey with Dental Monitoring.

Teeth Whitening

Whether your smile makeover comes in the form of 3D-printed metal braces or clear aligners, every patient receives professional teeth whitening to ensure your smile is as perfect as possible. Imagine leaving a haircut appointment with wet hair. Your full smile makeover at Mint Orthodontics isn’t complete without ensuring every smile you flash shows off your pearly whites.

Set of Retainers

At the end of your orthodontic treatment, you will receive a set of retainers. These retainers, molded from your own natural teeth, are important to maintain the perfection of your smile for the long term.

We also offer a retainer subscription program, which allows you to conveniently receive new retainers directly at your house whenever you need them.

Lasting Impact

The length of an oral treatment plan can vary greatly from person to person. The consistent outcome? Stunning smile makeover treatments that build confidence, resolve jaw issues, replace missing teeth, and bring a dream smile to life.

Take a look at some before and after photos from Mint Orthodontics patients: