Dental Monitoring®

Dental Monitoring®

Better treatment, fewer appointments

We’re excited to give you the confident smile of your dreams with less appointments yet more oversight.

Faster, Better Treatment

Revolutionary treatment tech

Dental Monitoring® is a simple, at-home scan done with your phone once a week. We can monitor your treatment between in-office visits, enabling you to get the best orthodontic treatment and the best care without interfering with your busy schedule.

Fewer in-person appointments

This has been a game changer for anyone who has a busy schedule or anyone who wants to minimize person-to-person contact due to health concerns.

Faster treatment

Because we oversee your treatment progress weekly, we have the ability to keep your treatment on track and catch any issues before they arise…not fix things as we go.

The best level of care

We make sure you get the best level of care no matter how often you visit our office.


All you need is a smartphone

To start scanning, download the Dental Monitoring app.

Dental Monitoring scan box  enables kids teen and adults to receive top quality orthodontic treatment at home using Invisalign or LightForce braces for teeth

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