Retainers keep your teeth straight

Retainers are most often used after orthodontic treatment to keep the teeth straight and the bite secure.

Hawley retainers are a thing of the past. Vivera retainers from Invisalign with a permanent retainer is the best way to keep your teeth straight.

choose the right retainer for you

Retainer Options

Choosing which type of retainer fits your lifestyle is important, as wearing a retainer after braces or Invisalign treatment protects your investment, reducing the risk of re-treatment.

The most popular retainer options are:

  • Permanent, bonded retainers behind the lower, front teeth
  • Removable retainers such as Hawley retainers
  • Invisalign type retainers called Vivera Retainers® or Essex®  retainers

Each retainer is custom-made for the individual who needs it.

More retainer benefits

The problem solver

Retainers can also be a great option to solve several different types of orthodontic problems. Certain retainers can help close gaps between their teeth, clear up speech problems, stop tongue thrusting, or even help people who suffer with temporomandibular disorder (TMJ/TMD).

Vivera Retainers in case as an alternative to Hawley teeth retainers.
Animation of child shrugging her shoulders when asked by the orthodontist where her teeth retainer is which is why permanent retainers are often used

Me when my orthodontist asks where my retainer is…

The Key to Success

Wear Your Retainer

Retainers need to be worn at night, or for a specific period of time. When you first wear a retainer, you may feel pressure on your teeth but this is a normal occurrence. It will stop after a couple of days.

The key to a retainer keeping your teeth straight is that the retainer must actually be worn.

Lifetime Retainer Insurance

Keep on smiling with a Vivera® retainer subscription

Vivera retainers, from the makers of Invisalign® clear aligners, are:

  • Virtually invisible.
  • Custom-fit for your new smile with your comfort in mind.
  • At least 30% stronger and twice as durable as other leading clear retainer materials.
  • Now available on a subscription basis to ensure you have a fresh retainer every few months.

The Vivera retainer subscription is a great way to protect your investment and another reason to smile.

Protect your smile investment with a Vivera retainer subscription

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