LightForce Braces

LightForce Braces

High-tech braces for convenient, faster results

Cutting-edge dental braces that unites modern 3D-printing technology with fully digital treatment planning to provide a great experience as you journey toward a confident, amazing smile.

Customized for Faster Treatment

100% custom-made braces

He custom builds your Lightforce braces with precise movements. This ideal customization means that the overall treatment time is faster and requires few office visits.

Your Choice

Made to blend in or go bold

If you prefer your braces to blend in, just keep your bands tooth-colored. But if you prefer to show more of your personality with colored braced then Lightforce brackets really make those colors pop.

Man with LightForce clear braces for nearly invisible teeth straightening and girl smiling with clear braces and bright rubber bands for colored braces

Here’s how it works

teeth scanner for custom made clear braces so orthodontic patient can straighten teeth

Step 1

We scan your teeth instead of taking messy, gag-inducing impressions.

Digital planning of LightForce clear braces to straighten teeth fast

Step 2

For faster treatment, we plan and program the treatment upfront so teeth move directly to their final destination instead of fixing unwanted movement as we go.

Step 3

Instead of using the same bracket for every tooth, each Lightforce bracket is 3D printed to fit the contour of each of YOUR teeth. This greatly reduces brackets breaking off the teeth practically eliminating emergency appointments.

adult woman with big smile with clear braces on her teeth

Step 4

Since each bracket is 100% customized for each tooth, patients report a much more comfortable experience than patients who use silver braces.

LF FUTURE Conference

Mint Orthodontics’ very own Dr. Geoff Sudit was a featured speaker at LightForce’s LF FUTURE conference in 2021 & 2022.

Teen girl smiling with clear braces on her teeth with a red and blue aura showing the high-tech orthodontic treatment she is getting
young boy with gapped teeth showing off his clear braces made by LightForce

The Smart Choice

Same price as traditional braces

Best of all, at Mint Orthodontics these high-tech LightForce braces are the SAME PRICE as traditional braces. Interested in learning more?