Orthodontics for Teens

Teens have all the fun

And by fun, we mean treatment options. Every type of treatment option we offer at Mint Orthodontics is on the table for teens. It all depends on needs, lifestyle and expectations.

two teenagers smiling together showing their clear braces made by LightForce which is barely noticeable

Common Treatment Options

Invisalign Teen aligners worn by a teenage boy giving a teenage girl a piggy back ride

Invisalign® Teen

girl sweeping her hair back and showing off a big smile showcasing braces on her teeth that are clear and nearly invisible

LightForce Braces

teen girl scanning her teeth at home to show her Minneapolis orthodontist how her orthodontic treatment is progressing

Dental Monitoring®

teenage boy sleeping at home while wearing clear aligners at night using Invisalign Teen from Mint Ortho in MN

Nighttime Only Ortho

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