Orthodontics for Kids

The Magic Age is 7

By visiting an orthodontist when your child is around age 7, their orthodontics can be

  • Less expensive
  • Less invasive
  • Less time-consuming
  • Much easier
  • More successful long-term
invisible braces for kids shown here with boy wearing clear braces during Phase I orthodontic treatment which is an interceptive orthodontic treatment
Invisalign for kids is available but many kids like the one shown here like colored braces by wearing clear braces with bright colorful rubber bands on their teeth

Interceptive Orthodontics

We promise. This is not a scheme to get your kids to have braces twice.

Interceptive orthodontics (that’s orthodontics for kids ages 7-11) is a technique and philosophy developed to address certain orthodontic problems that happen between the ages of 7-10. It doesn’t make sense for all kids.

When this type of treatment is recommended, it usually means that an Arch Expansion or other orthopedic growth appliances (appliances that make the mouth or jaw bigger) is needed.

This allows more room for permanent teeth to grow in, making later orthodontic treatment much easier on your child.

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