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Orthodontics for Adults

You are busy enough. We want you to do less.

Get top-quality orthodontic treatment without having to regularly visit our office.

Busy woman with Invisalign for adults showing adult orthodontics is easy at Mint Orthodontics in Minneapolis.
Woman showing her Invisalign clear aligner while out in Minneapolis because she does virtual orthodontics at Mint Orthodontics in Minneapolis, MN

Here’s how it works

  1. Start a free virtual consultation.
  2. Start treatment by coming in for a quick 3D scan of your teeth, photos and an x-ray.
  3. We’ll give you everything you need for easy treatment at home & we’ll have a quick video call once in a while to check in.
  4. You enjoy the smile you’ve always wanted!

Adult Orthodontics Q&A

Woman covering her smile with her shirt because she is embarrassed because she needs Invisalign for adults

Why is it important for adults to straighten their teeth?

Beyond having a gorgeous smile, fixing your teeth has shown to increase confidence and have health benefits too.

Adult man with a big smile because he straitened his teeth fast with virtual orthodontics at Mint Orthodotnics in MN

What about braces for adults?

Braces can be a good option too, especially if it will be difficult to straighten your teeth or fix your bite. Mint Orthodontics is the largest provider of Lightforce braces in the United States. These high-tech braces for adults are clear braces that are 3D printed for your teeth making treatment more inconspicuous and more comfortable than ever before. Lightforce braces also enables you to have less appointments and is one of the quickest ways to straighten teeth.

Adult woman looking over her glasses wondering the cost of adult braces and Invisalign cost for adults

How much do adult braces cost or Invisalign for adults cost?

The cost to straighten teeth depends on how difficult your treatment will be. Have your teeth shifted slightly from when you had braces as a kid? Or is it your bite that needs fixing? Mint Orthodontics offers a free in-office consultation or a free virtual consultation so you can find out without any obligation. Our team will also help you determine any orthodontic insurance benefits and/or FSA/HSA funds you may have to minimize the out-of-pocket cost to straighten your teeth.

Man contemplating if he should use Smile Direct Club or not when the cost of braces and Invisalign cost is very affordable at Mint Orthodontics in Minneapolis

Why should I do virtual orthodontics through Mint Orthodontics vs an online aligner company (like Smile Direct Club™)?

Why should I do virtual orthodontics through Mint Orthodontics vs an online aligner company (like Smile Direct Club)?
So many reasons. And we aren’t just saying that because we are an orthodontic office. If you are considering an online clear aligner service, like Smile Direct Club, please consult an orthodontist (even if it’s not us!) before proceeding with treatment. Orthodontists are seeing more and more patients who’ve tried do-it-yourself aligners and had damaging results. To learn if online teeth aligners are safe, get a second opinion from us.

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