Meet the Team

Our Awesome Team

We work hard to make your day a little brighter.

Of course, our staff is experienced.
And talented.
And smart.
And offer top-notch patient care.
And love going above and beyond to make each patient feel great.

Hidden Talents

But did you know that they also have many hidden talents?

Next time you’re in, see if you can guess whose secrets these are.

Team Member #1

Both of my dogs are named after Sesame Street characters. Bert and Ernie.

Team Member #2

I once won 1st place in a Hula Hoop contest.

Team Member #3

I have a black belt in Taekwondo.

Team Member #4

I am a serial hobbyist who collects vintage sweaters.

Team Member #5

I’m a car enthusiast.

Team Member #6

I played the saxophone when I was younger.

Team Member #7

I read over 100 books last year.

Team Member #8

My first job was being the Easter bunny.

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