Dr. Sudit

Dr Sudit of Mint Orthodontics on stool smiling


As an expert in all forms of braces and aligners, I’m passionate about keeping up with the latest in orthodontic technology. My practice blends cutting-edge research and tools with traditional, tried-and-tested orthodontic techniques to provide patients with world-class care every time. I am committed to developing innovative orthodontic solutions to meet each patient’s unique needs, and I have extensive experience with a range of treatment options, including digital tools and 3D-printed brackets from LightForce Orthodontics as well as standard braces, lingual braces, Invisalign First & Teen, Invisalign, and other treatment methods.

Dr. Sudit attended The University of Texas for his undergraduate studies where he graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. He then attended the highly regarded dental school program at the University of Minnesota. While there, he earned his DDS and was awarded the American Association of Orthodontists Senior Student Award upon graduation.

Dr. Sudit practiced general dentistry in the Minneapolis area before completing his post-graduate training in orthodontics, along with a Master’s Degree in Dentistry. After all of that schooling, Dr. Sudit returned to Austin, excited to learn more under the tutelage of Dr. Randy Kunik, one of the best practitioners of Invisalign in the industry.

After working with Dr. Randy Kunik for a few years and earning a reputation for quality care, exceptional work and a top-notch ability for connecting and relating to his patients, he is proud to be out on his own, doing what he loves, and returning to the city that he loves – Minneapolis.

Dr Sudit of Mint Orthodontics attending to an orthodontic patient with clear braces
Dr Geoff Sudit, his wife and four children outside their home near Minneapolis, MN

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Sudit is an avid sports fan, loves trying new restaurants, traveling, and spending as much time with his young family as his busy life will allow.